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Always willing to be vulnerable, what you see is what you get with Rima who confidently and unabashedly wears her heart on her sleeve. Her innate ability to relate, engage and inspire while holding space for anyone entering the teachings and practices of yoga, allows her to create an opening for each student to connect with her, themselves and the class community in a very authentic way. In her classes Rima effortlessly yet deliberately blends ancient wisdom, alignment cues, humor, exceptionally curated music and a unique interest in her students’ progress and transformation. As an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher, Rima facilitates the Teacher Trainings and mentors apprentices at the NYC School. As a student of yoga, she practices daily and continues to deepen her understanding of the various aspects of yoga. Rima also travels to India once a year to immerse herself in study. Latest Interview: http://livetheprocess.com/2014/09/moment-rima-rabbath/ Coming Soon: www.soukofrima.com