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Originally from Colorado, I worked in the New York City fitness industry for over 8 years. Since moving to DC in 2009, I’ve been warmly received by the residents of the Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle area of North West DC. My passion for fitness goes back to my high school and college career as a state-qualifying wrestler. I also played football and ran track in Colorado, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University. This is my story: Back in 2001, I found myself unemployed and overweight. My fitness ”wake up call” came when I watched one of those “E True Hollywood Stories” featuring Brad Pitt. I realized he was 10 YEARS OLDER THAN I WAS AND LOOKED INCREDIBLE! I finally decided to use my gym membership. I went in with the knowledge gained from my athletics background and an “I will not fail” attitude. Within the first 3 months, I lost almost 40 pounds. Other gym members took notice and asked for my help, and the rest is history. I am certified and insured by the American Council on Exercise. I will design a comprehensive fitness program for each and every client, including training, nutrition coaching and diet monitoring. I strongly believe that with the right combination of diet AND exercise, anyone can TRANSFORM their body in 30-90 days. I will work with you so you can get the body you deserve!