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Radha Agrawal is a serial social entrepreneur. She has been called “one of eight women who will change the world” by MTV in 2014, and one of 20 “Millenials on a Mission” by Forbes in 2013. She was a recipient of the 2013 Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.

She and her twin-sister Miki, are the founders of the acclaimed farm-to-table, alternative pizza concept called WILD in NYC. This is where they learned a few things about eating habits, especially children's.

Once seeing that children rarely ordered vegetables on their pizzas - Miki and Radha teamed up again to develop Super Sprowtz, a children’s media company designed to get kids to not only eat more vegetables but recognize the powers they can provide. Super Sprowtz now reaches over a million families around the world.

Their new undertaking is THINX, a high-tech, beautiful underwear solution for women to wear during their ""time of the month"" and beyond. Utilizing a “Buy One, Fund One” program THINX provides reusable pads for women in developing countries to help them stay in school. THey were 1 of 30 brands chosen to be in the TOMS Marketplace in 2014 and have beat out hundreds of teams in various other business competitions.

Radha is an identical, half-Japanese, half-Indian French Canadian twins. Former soccer player and graduate of Cornell University who embodies the essence of social entrepreneurship.